Incorporated in 2010, BestLifeRewarded Innovations (formerly Cookson James Loyalty) created its flagship platform BestLifeRewarded, a comprehensive program that encourages members to take personal ownership for their health. Their mission in evidence-informed innovation includes all stakeholders in a "coordinated assault" to change the overall face of health in Canada.
The BestLifeRewarded platform is a plug and play web-based solution with simple "off line" program integration. By adding the BestLifeRewarded program to a health management strategy, partners can expect greater organizational health awareness, better member engagement, more robust measurement and insight into the impact of your health and wellness investments.  
The BestLifeRewarded Innovations managed software solution allows insurance carriers, employers, clinics, health authorities, pharmacies and hospitals to measure the impact of the overall program, identify areas of improvement and can uncover areas that require additional attention and focus. Through a reporting dashboard, partners will have access to the ongoing performance and positive health shifts that occur with their members as they engage in the program. For more information visit
Since 2003, the Economic Club of Canada has earned a prestigious reputation as this country's podium of record.
Uniquely positioned as the only national non-partisan organization capable of staging events across the country, our mission is to bring our members and guests face-to-face with the most influential leaders of our time.
Each year more than 100 policy makers and business leaders approach the Economic Club of Canada to make keynote addresses allowing the opportunity for guests to pose questions, direct and unfiltered.
Membership is open to all who share a passion for great issues of the day.